Normanby in Ryedale

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Welcome to Normanby

A small village in Ryedale consisting of not many people at all, so please do not expect this site to go down in the Guinness book of records for content!  The first posting of this site was on February 14th 2002 and it is hoped that over a period of time we shall be able to, with the help of others, build a web presence about our small village for the whole wide world to see.

Over the coming years it is hoped the pages of this site will expand to show the many events and aspects of village life throughout history.  We intend to elaborate on many of the inhabitants and characters who have over time helped to make our village what it is today. 

Please be patient with us as we develop the site, if you have any items of interest and would like them to be considered for inclusion please use the feedback link provided, please do not send any attachments, documents or pictures at this stage.

Location map

Normanby from the air 1978, looking North

İAlan Smith




Home | Genealogy | St. Andrews Church | Parish History | News & Contact | Projects | Photographs

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